Different day different lesson everyday your alive its a blessing hold no regret or make upsets nor tears to the ones you hold near, lovers or best friends because next thing you know yesterday kept that soul and wouldn't let them go to see tomorrow.

These wings lift me to rise above all I stride through life to drive with no faults I strive to accomplish all promises NEVER LIE or try to let down so all unhappiness in my life I provoke, life is NOT promised so remembered that note, and money cant buy life so If time is money I live life like I'm broke.

Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift that's why its called the present, so don't take it for granted cuz you can be striped from anything your granted so don't live in ya history live life so ya mystery isn't a misery.

I thank the lord for today and pray for tomorrow if i stumble through life ill try not to fumble with death, ill treat my body right cuz i know its barrowed, and ill hold my head above water so I don't drowned in my sorrows.

Wouldn't Do Nothing if I feel My Life Will Ruin, Gotta Live Knowing if I did it I never Blew It, Tomorrow is here before you Knew It, yesterday was gone in an Instance, time moves to quick so don't Miss It but I still walk blind in the mind wishing for glasses so I can see in the Distance of what Next Is.

Your life if so amazing till its Grasped by hands that drive you to Crash, I been hurt and Gashed, Thrashed my back till I fell to my Ass, Past out and dreamed of a beginning if I can just survive through this Trash, I hope in my future I can guide me to happiness like I was in my Flash back of the Past.
But im far to strong to Fear anyone Here, no longer will I Leer to glimpse upon memories that Appear even though I remember when the end was Near the Pain Hit in so Deep I had to put Floaties on my head so I wouldn't Drown in my Tears.

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